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The minimum age for tattooing in the state of Illinois has now been changed from 21 to 18 as of January 1, 2006.

This is great news! Now, not only do you have more freedom and options in making a decision as to what kind of design you want, but you can now legally obtain a tattoo in a professional studio, perhaps one that turned you away in the past when the laws required tattoo seekers to be 21.

You no longer have to look for tattoo artists working out of garages or other questionable establishments. You are free to visit reputable studios that are clean and follow strict infection control standards. Ultimately, you will be happier with the quality of your new tattoo, and have a much lower chance of acquiring health problems and infections associated with poor tattooing practices.

Even better news, as of July 1, 2007 all tattoo artists must be certified by the state and inspected by each county!

There is not a better way in Illinois to guarantee your safety.

What To Expect

A quality studio will be clean! If it looks messy, and gives the appearance of being dirty, it most likely is. You should feel safe in the tattoo venue. The artists and staff should also have a clean appearance. Look for boxes of gloves, covered containers, and proper needle disposal receptacles. Hot and cold running water will also be readily available in a quality studio.

The work surface will be covered with a protective barrier and on it will be disposable supplies. The working artist should take needles and tubes out of sterile packaging and inks will be poured into single-use containers. Cords, lamps and other surfaces handled during the tattoo by the artist should be covered with plastic. Your artist will wear gloves on both hands and change them as necessary – never reapplying soiled gloves.

You might also see a certificate that your artist has taken a course in infection control.

It is great to bring a friend for moral support, but in most cases, they will not be allowed in the immediate tattoo area for health and safety precautions. Don’t bring anyone under the age of 18 – they will not be admitted into the studio at all. Be prepared to have your ID photocopied and to sign a consent form.

It is very possible you have known friends to have been tattooed at home tattoo parties where the artist has poured water used during tattooing into a common sink, didn’t wash their hands before they gloved for each client, and even ran out of gloves and didn’t bother to change them but washed them as if they were washing their hands. Tattoo home parties are illegal in most communities, including Des Plaines and surrounding suburbs, and will be illegal in all of Illinois as of July 1, 2007. Eating, drinking, and smoking in the work area is also a tip the artist is not a professional. Only have a tattoo done in a studio that has a business license.

How Can Tattooing Be Dangerous?

Tattooing is invasive – it breaks the skin; therefore you are susceptible to bloodborne diseases such as hepatitis B & C, among others. If you see your artists taking measures to protect themselves, they, in turn, are also looking out for your safety.

Tips For Your Well-Being

Be sure the inks used have a long time reputation for safety – ask. Do not choose trendy inks that are florescent or glow in the dark. – These colors have been advertised as FDA approved. The FDA does NOT approve tattoo inks of any kind and have denounced these claims.

Use common sense – if you are pregnant, sick, high, or have been drinking, come back when you’re not.

What Can Go Wrong

While infections and allergic reactions can occur, although rare if the procedure is done correctly and under sanitary conditions, the biggest complaint is regret over a design. Be sure you see sample work from the artist you choose and the design is well thought out. Going for "tats" with a group of your friends subjects you to peer pressure and many times leaves a permanent reminder of poor judgment. Something you want at 18 or 19 might not be what you want when you are 25 or 35. Make it important to you – it is personal art.

Don’t let the idea that it can be later removed with lasers influence you. Laser removal does not return the skin to its normal condition and many times leaves behind color and causes scarring.

After Care

There are many opinions as to what should be applied to help heal a tattoo. Whatever the product recommended by your artist, it should be applied very sparingly and in a clean manner. Never put plastic wrap over bare, tattooed skin. Your artist will tell you when they want you to wash off the small collection of fluid that accumulates on the fresh tattoo. Keeping it clean with antibacterial soap and warm water is the best thing you can do for it. Adhere to a "look, but don’t touch" rule when showing it to your friends.

After the tattoo is healed, use sun block regularly. A great looking tattoo when you are 20 can become a mess at 40 if not protected from the sun. Tattoos placed in areas such as the feet and the hands also tend to diminish in quality, which is why many artists prefer not to tattoo in these locations.

Tattooing is a personal decision, and as you can see, should be carefully considered. Whether or not it becomes something you will cherish over the years is a direct result of that choice.

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